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  1. Racing
    First run I ran a failsauce of 17.3 you can see how i didn't hook up at all haha, keep in mind this is my first time ever at the track and basically even seriously racing the tib haha Then I ran a 16.075 with a passenger, still pretty bad but a decent improvement but still pretty bad with my...
  2. Tiburon General Discussion
    Decided to do a few DIY mods on this fine superbowl sunday Sliced the diffuser and painted the front lip middle thing and finally got rid of my barbed wire license plate haha
  3. Tiburons for Sale
    2005 Tiburon GTv6 5 speed with 36,XXX miles on it Willing to take more pictures upon request Mods include: OEM high rise spoiler Ark N2 TI single exit exhaust T badged Injen SRI Ark shorty antennae Painted engine cover? haha 7 Color Footwell LED's The bad: I think the stock sub may be broken...
1-3 of 4 Results