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  1. WTB: 2007 - 2008 2.0L GS: Exhaust, Bumpers, Headers

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a complete Headers: Exhaust setup or Headers, and Exhaust separately. 2008 GS 2.0L has the dual exhaust; name brand indifferent. Hana front bumper would be nice but as you can see the 100s of posts for it I will not have my hopes up for that one. I also screwed up my rear bumper by...
  2. WTB: CAI for V6, Switch blank

    Parts Wanted
    Hi all, I'm in the market for a Cold Air Intake, and would prefer to purchase one second-hand. I own a 2005 V6. Looking for preferably a full Brand-Name system (AEM, Fujita, Injen, DC, K&N), But an eBay system with decent quality filter and fittings is fine, As long as it's de-burred and...
  3. WTB: red 2007 Tiburon front bumper and door panel wanted!

    Parts Wanted
    Hey guys, I bumped into someone and it shredded off my license plate and ripped up my bumper a little. I have a red 2007 hyundai Tiburon gs and im looking for a front bumper to replace mine with. I also have fog lights so...I need those little holes for em -.- Also someone backed into my car...
  4. WTB: Need air intake for 2003

    Parts Wanted
    I have a 2003 2.7L and i need the stock air intake including the air box, filter, hose, etc.
  5. Looking for Rims

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Hey everyone. Im looking for a set of rims for my 2003 Tiburon. Nothing too fancy just a little something to make it unique. Any suggestions on a cheap(er) brand that looks good on Tibs? Or if anyone in the PA/Jersey area is looking to sell rims let me know. Thanks
  6. WTB: Looking for 03-08 fuel door and HID kit

    Parts Wanted
    :ban::ban:I have an 03 tiburon and looking for a fuel door. I painted mine and it looks horrible.... My car is white but I prefer a black door. Honestly at this point ill take any color. I'm also blacking my lights out. To make my visibility the best as possible looking to put HID lights on my...
  7. WTB: Want cf hood - can repair fade/crack

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to pick up a CF hood, I have the typical rust issues and would like to upgrade instead of Just replace. I am in Buffalo, NY. My friends own a collision and body shop so I am able to buy any that may be faded or crack slightly. It is easil repairable. Let me know if anyone is close by...
  8. WTB: 04 Tib GT - Looking 4 Rear Bumper & Quarter Panels

    Parts Wanted
    Hey folks! Just picked up an 04 GT on craigslist with some rear damage. Looking to replace the Rear Bumper and both Driver & Passenger side rear quarter panels. I'm in the Los Angeles/So Cal area and would love to find someone in the Southwest for a possibly pickup, or a reasonable cost of...
  9. WTB: 05 06 front bumper

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a front bumper off of a 05 or 06 tiburon or a aftermarket on
  10. WTB: 70mm BBTB

    Parts Wanted
    looking for a 70mm bbtb in relatively good condition for a reasonable price
  11. WTB: Stock 2.7 v6 cams

    Parts Wanted
    finally got the money together to go with regrinded cams. looking for a set of stockers in good condition
  12. 2003 Tiburon Coupe - Interior Parts Wanted

    New Member Introductions
    Left and right door grab handles Rear shock tower plastic tops Rear surround plastic and carpet etc... (Rebuilding the entire rear of trunk) Steering wheel (do not need airbag) Engine cosmetic plastic Left and right door switches Shifter boot left right stock door speakers
  13. 2004 Tiburon GT Part

    New Member Introductions
    Looking for the black plastic piece that goes on top of the engine on a 2004 Tiburon GT. Got the car without this piece and prefer to have it. Does anyone have one they want to sell?
  14. WTB: Wanted: M&S Carart Metaphor front, stock front and rear

    Parts Wanted
    Wanated: M&S Carart Metaphor front bumper and stock rear. I would buy but I also would most definetly trade my current kit for them. Currently I have a Razzi front back and sides. Theyre in good condition and are made as 1 piece!! Not like most that are attached to the original bumpers. And...
  15. WTB: Tiburon Horn

    Parts Wanted
    I need the horns off any 03 and up tiburon. Mine were removed when an icebox was installed. Thanks let me know if you have anything!
  16. WTB: I need a rear seat belt

    Parts Wanted
    I need at least one rear seat belt that will fit an 03 tiburon. I did a spring/strut swap on my car today and f'd up the passenger side seat belt by taking it apart, lol. Anyways i'm in dire need of a seat belt, thanks, kclutz
  17. WTB: NGM Sniper or Alpine SC v6

    Parts Wanted
    Hey I'm looking for either a stage 1 alpine kit or an NGM sniper kit. Also looking for an exhaust, headers, etc. (in good shape), a 6 speed STS and maybe even a CF hood for an 04 GK