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window trim

  1. Help with seals?

    Newb here- Have any of you had problems with the rubber seals around the windows oxidizing(?) If so, do you know of a simple solution to the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Plati Dip/ Black window trim restore?

    Fading black window trim on the exterior of the tibruon seems to be a common issue from what I've been reading and what I'm seeing on mine as well. Came across some plasti dip DIYs on YouTube and a lot of different uses for it and how durable it is and easy to remove. Was wondering if anyone...
  3. Window Trim / Molding for small rear quarter window

    Does anyone know where to buy the rubber trim that goes around the small rear quarter window? Mine on one side is faded and cannot be refurbished. Also does anyone know the easiest way to replace the trim?