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  1. | HELP! |A/C And horn arent working

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    When i was getting my engine replaced. The mechanic scammed me out of $2K and in the process broke these two wires that are located at the front of the engine / above the front exhaust manifold. I tried to fix the bottom one closer to the left (Wire A) by just jamming it into the housing, yeah i...
  2. no continuity

    Audio & Security
    hi all welt i hooked everything up for my sound system and of course one speaker had to not be working . I checked the continuity and nada . so.. to add insult to injury it is the driver side wire SO I had to pull it through the door (all 18ft) and find the short ... thing is there is no...
  3. You soldering gurus +tips..

    Audio & Security
    hi all I'm relatively new to soldering but through watching a bunch of vids and some practice I think I got it down check it out: LArger pic of joint: The 16 gauge is already silver tinned so it might be a bit harder to pic up Here are a few tips to help beginners: Use 60/40 (tin /...
  4. Subwoofer problem

    Audio & Security
    Okay so I have sony explode interior speakers hooked up to a 300w pioneer amp, and 2 alpine 10 inch subs, 2 MTX Jackhammer 400w amps, one hooked up to each sub, and they're all from one power source seperated into three with a distribution block so 1 for each amp, same for the ground, now it...
  5. WTB: Spark plug wire holders v6

    Parts Wanted
    V6 Spark plug cable holders
  6. Were to Drill fire wall for Power Wire?

    Audio & Security
    I have been driving around with my power wire and LED ground effects lights between my door and under the hood..... well its winter now and around 60 mph cold air blasts in. I never drilled my fire wall before because I'm pay alot for my 08 tib GS and I don't have money to fix cut wires and...
  7. Air/Fuel Gauge Install

    Engine Management
    Im hoping to get some help with installing an AutoMeter air/fuel gauge. I am concerned with cutting into the o2 sensor wire and causing CEL issues. If anyone has installed this or has detailed instructions on installing (with pictures). This is for a 2003 V6. Also thinking of wiring this to...
  8. Remote wire location on 08 tib stock radio?

    Useless info [I had a 12 JL in my car, hooked it up like crap, I took out the radio and could not fine the remote wire. I just got some 2 12" Lanzar and I want it all clean. I already asked were to drill in the firewall. I had the JL remote wire hooked up to a prong on a fuse and shoved in the...