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Hello everyone!

I just recently found this forum after buying an 04 Tiburon (6 speed, 2.7L) and absolutely love it! (The car AND the forum, ha!)

Anyway, obviously the reason I was posting is because I'm looking for a set of 05+ headlights. I'm not a big fan of the "bubble look", and all the sites that sell them are HELLA' expensive. I'm currently a submariner stationed in Guam, so the shipping is quite a bit more expensive than shipping it state-to-state. I'd be more than willing to donate my old headlights (mint condition) to anyone who would want them. I know it's a long shot due to everyone wanting those new headlights, but I figured I could ask. Name a price (under what shark racing wants for them, bleh) and I'd be hella' thankful. Let me represent Tibs' out here in Guam, woo! - Forest
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