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Hey guys, i have a 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby z. It has a 2.2l turbo motor in it. This car was bought to be a project but it never turned into one. It has been sitting at my house for about a month. The motor is brand new less then 5k on it and it runs perfectly. The only problem is that the car is having other issues which dont allow me to drive it. Such as a bad rack and pinion and possibly wheel bearing. I am looking just to get rid of it. But it seems there has been more interest in the motor and trans then the car itself.....

I would be willing to sell the motor and trans, motor has 5k on it, trans has about 100k but has a new clutch and is a mopar 2.2 with a garret turbo. Its a very strong motor....

Motor and trans- 1,500

if anyone shows interest i will send pics and other info, please let me know....
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