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I really hate to do this so soon but I just want to see if I would be able to sell it. Ok well to give you the gist of my story, I test drove the Genesis and I fell in love. I'm looking to sell my car as is with the S/C and all the performance parts for right now. I am NOT going to part it out at this point. I am just trying to see if I would have any serious offers.

So heres everything about my car:

This car was bought by my brother brand new from Family Hyundai (Tinley Park IL) and has stayed in Illinois the whole time. This car has only 1 registered owner and has been in no accidents. I purchased the car off of him last year and have added the parts during summertime.

2004 Tuscani Yellow GTV6 SE Auto Supercharged
118xxx miles (It is my daily driver so it will go up. Right now it is at 118019)
I have taken care of most of the maintenance on the vehicle:

Timing belt change/ water pump/ pulley's - Changed @ 100k
Front tires were changed ~115k and the rears were earlier dont remember quite when.
Supercharger - Added ~ 114k (Gaskets replaced as well)
Serpentine Belt - Changed @ ~114k
Brake pads/Rotors - Changed ~114k
Alternator - Changed last week @ ~117900

Here are the modifications:


HID Headlights
Tuscani Trunk/Hood Badge
Tuscani Wheel caps
Tuscani License plate cover (Front & Back)
ARK Shorty Antenna
No Spoiler but I do have the stock high rise spoiler
LED License Plate Lights

Tuscani Door Sills (Will provide stock sills as well)
New Floor Mats (I swap them out with the old ones in the winter, which I will also provide the old ones)
Sony Head Unit
White Gauge Face
Glowshift 2 gauge pillar pod w/ Autometer Ultra Lite A/F narrowband/ boost-vac gauge

DC Sports Front Strut Bar
RRM Rear Strut Bar


NGM Stage 2 Iced Supercharger w/ 310cc injectors (Also tuned stage 2 from TC's programmer)
70mm BBTB
Injen SRI
NGM Iridium IX (1 step colder)
Ebay Red Spark Plug Wires
Bored LIM to match stage 3
190LPH Fuel Pump
NGM Stage 2 Evac Kit (Both valve covers are powder coated silver) (Also Tuscani Valve inserts in the front)
ARK Dual Exhaust
Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter (Also will provide with the straight pipe)
JVT Headers
Fuel rails w/ Fuel Gauge

That's pretty much all I could think of right now. I also have most of the stock parts, which I will provide to you as well. I have the stock Exhaust, Intake, Spoiler, Manifolds, Everything stock I didnt need for the supercharger, Cruise control (which I removed because I wasn't using it), Engine plastics, injectors, RRM Replica Front strut bar, KDM Blue Front Strut Bar, Extra pair of HID Headlights. I also have TC's Stage 2 S/C programmer which I will provide as well.

There's a few minor damage done to the body. The front bumper paint is chipping, as well as the gas cover. The rear bumper is fading and has 2 license plate screw holes in it from when my sister wasn't paying attention and drove into my car. I never got a chance to fix it, but it really isn't that noticeable.

KBB estimates my car in good condition to go for $5800, and I put around $6k+ worth of parts into it.

All I want for this car is $7500.

I believe that is all of the parts, but If there is anything else I will make sure to add it. I will post a few pictures I made of the car a few days ago.

Once again I am NOT parting it out at the time, I would just like to see if there is a serious buyer out there.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me a pm or shoot me a text @ (815)999-7312.

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You might want to sell that strut bar? (i won't ask for a part-out other than that)

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For right now I think I'm going to keep all the parts on. I'm going to put this up on craigslist tomorrow and if I don't get anything within a few weeks I'll probably just part it out. I'll pm you if I choose to do so.
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