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2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 2.0L
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Hello to all Tiburon Forum,
Im getting to the point of starting the 2.0L rebuild engine that Ive been working on for the past 8 months (yes way over due)
Anyway I replaced piston rings std, main bearings std and connecting rod bearings std all new gaskets seals and a bone yard cylinder head with new valves (lapped) and I had the local machinist pressure test the head and he said it held fine....yeah! I did my best to blueprint the engine, all with-in specs rings, bearings, springs, cams, all torqued to specs bearing lubed, etc..

I've filled the new OEM oil filter with new oil and added break-in oil in the engine block (not an additive) and before starting I will prime engine with fuel pump relay disconnected & knock sensor and no spark plugs installed until i've got oil pressure

My question is ,in your opinion, how long should break in period last? First 25 minutes starting engine held at 2K-3K RPMs then drain the break-in oil & change filter? Or just run the break in oil for 400-500 miles then change the break in oil?
I've heard that 80% of wear material happens in the first 20 minutes of starting rebuilt engine and holding acceleration @ 2K RPMs hence the recommendation of changing the break in oil and filter?

Maybe i'm over thinking it, its not for racing or turbo, I just want to do it right after all this time and effort to set the rings and get it right!

Constructive feedback appreciated thank you
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