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This is going to be our place to see just who is where in the state. It will come in handy when we organize meets. I will edit the list and map as soon as I see a new post.Please post with your city and county If you want to add your real name/the year/color/model Hyundai you drive thats cool too. Lets keep this thread to ROLL CALL ONLY and if you wanna chat I'll have a link to the CT Chat thread at the bottom.

CT Stats ~ CT Wikipedia

(North West to North East Corners)

tap3841 (Tom) -New Milford - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
alpinewhite (James) -Thomaston - Alpine White 2003 Tib GT V6
Yellowtibby (Dave) - Thomaston - Sunburst Yellow 2004 Tib SE V6 & Gray 2003 Kia Rio Cinco
caledonian (Bruce) - Terryville - Rally Red 2003 I4

IronEddie42 (Steve) - Bristol - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
Slacker (Zac) - Granby - Electric Red 2006 Elantra GLS
ARCguy (Rob) - Hartford - Carbon Blue 2003 Tib GT V6
Ciscofrp (Cisco) - Hartford - Alpine White 2006 Tib GT V6
Punkrocktiburon (Joshua) - Hartford - Carbon Blue /Dayglow Orange 2003 Tib GT V6
Swifty01 (Steve) - Southington - Ocean Blue 2001 Elantra GT
streettibb28 (Shamir ) - Southington - Red 1998 Tib & black/gray 86 fiero gt
Johnny Rocks (John) - Unionville - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
nismo4life - Rocky Hill - 2002 RSX-S

rbgCODE (Rob) - Coventry - Wethersfield (Hartford)
riot - Rockville -Black 2005 Tib

nolfol (Nolan) - Danielson - Black 2003 Tib GT V6

(South West to South East Corners)

Rickna (Rick, Rich) - Stamford - Rally Red 2003 Tib GT V6
HRyder (Brendyn) - Bridgeport - Sterling Silver (Broken Nose) 2004 Tib GTV6 5 Speed

New Haven:
jiszo (LJ) - Ansonia - Hamden - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
mutopopa (James) - Hamden - Sterling Silver 2005 Tib I4
idrivetuscani (Sunny) - Hamden - Black 2003 Tib GT V6
Cable (Eric) - Branford - Sterling Silver 2005 Tib GT V6
Morgasm69you (Morgan) - Branford - Tidal Wave Blue 2005 Elantra GT
chilli0007 (Csilla) - Milford - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
mikemodena - West Haven - Silver 2003 GT
TuscanJay (Jay) - Southington - Moonlit Blue 2005 Tib GT V6
Lavendel (Michelle) - Southington - Aquamarine 2006 Sonata GLS V6

Chosen1 (Jerry) - Cromwell - Silver 2000 Elantra
T06Crush (Kris) - Meriden - Orange Crush 2006 Tib SE V6

New London:
Macatron - Groton - Super Silver 2003 Tib GT V6
MrAbyss (Brian) - New London - Carbon Blue 2003 Tib GT V6
Lynchy - Norwich - Alpine White 2005 Tib GT V6

Just outside the border of Connecticut:
ActicChill (Asain Jay) - Somewhere in Mass, but so close he is able to spit and reach Conn - Silver 2000 Tib

Connecticut Meets:
Along with Member Roll Call I will try and keep up with listing new and furture meets in the Ct area (along with places us Ct ppl have been know to represent.....ex LI). If you want to submit a meet please include the thread. You can pm me or just post here.

Poconos PA, Go-Kart Meet -8/4/2007

Hyundai Tuner Challenge ~ June 09-10 place TBA



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Nolan I added you to the map and to the list. I wasn't sure about your yr so please correct me if I wrong.

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You should put me in Enfield, even though I'm not really. But I'm like a few hundred feet from the border. Close enough.

NT's Medical Student
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Put me down for Thomaston and Middletown since I'm at both places. there is also a person on here from cromwell which is right up the road from me.

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Ooh Ooh I'm here too ...

IronEddie42 - Silver 2003 GT - Bristol, CT 06010 - Hartford County (I think)

LOL - I'm already on the list ... yay.

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name is shamir i live in southington. i drive a red 98 tibb and black/gray 86 fiero gt
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