Hello All,

It is a sad day for me, but I need to part ways with the Tiburon. Long story short, I just had my second kid and the time and effort in my life is needed elsewhere. The car has been in my garage for some time now and it is time to move on. I am the only owner, and the title is clean. This has never been driven in the winter and always garage kept. No rust. I am not looking to make much of any of the money I invested into the car back (SC cost me $5,000), I just want to let someone else have fun with the car and enjoy it. I posted as many pics as I could, but I have more and can send them to serious buyers directly. Here are some specifics on the car, I know I will forget things so if you get the Tib you will probably find more goodies than are listed here:


First things first. The only problem that I have with the car is the tuning. It has a AEM6 piggyback ECU on it and I cannot get the tuning right. There are probably better things out there that can solve this relatively easy but like I said, my money and time are needed with the family now. This needs to be trailered or shipped to the final destination. I would not take it on a long journey because of the tuning issues. If you would like to know more about them please message me.

Between 35k and 50k miles. I am giving the range because my battery is not working, I cannot get it to take a charge, so I cannot check the exact mileage, but I know for a fact that it has very low miles and is most likely closer to the 40k range. If you need an exact let me know and I will figure it out for you.

Currently the NGM stage 1 supercharger is installed, pulling 15spi boost and dynoed at 203whp. I have the pulleys to get it to stage 2 and stage 3 but you probably need to change out the internals to be able to run that high. The SC has an icebox hooked up for extra cooling. For added strength, the SC is welded to the manifold. No leaks here my friends.

This is an automatic transmission and a transmission cooler is installed.

There is an AEM cold air intake that is also attached to a big bore throttle body.

Basically new spark plugs and wires and upgraded fuel injectors. I believe that stock is 190cc injectors and these flow tested at 470cc. These are also hooked up to a different fuel pressure regulator that is supplying 60psi to the fuel rail instead of the stock psi which I believe is 40-45

There is also an oil catch can installed with air filter

Mishimoto racing radiator

4-1 headers with a cat delete. Passes emissions test with a fowler

ARC dual catback exhaust

Wideband AFR gauge and boost gauge on a-pillar

Piggyback ECU is wired and able to be housed in the passenger glove compartment

What you will get that is not installed: Supercharger cams custom made for the NGM supercharger


18’ Enkei lightwheight wheels with almost brand new Yokohama S-type tires

Drilled slotted rotors with painted calipers

Front supercharger strut bar

Front Traction bars to help avoid front wheel drive wheel hop. These really work, I have a picture of them if you want to see them installed

What you will get that is not installed: Full HSD coilover suspension. Brand new and still in the box. Just never got around to installing TENTATIVE SALE


Full body kit

Swapped taillights

Lamborghini style door hinges (will include stock hinges if you want to go back to stock)

Blue and White LED angel eye headlights

CF hood, needs to be refinished or painted

Window tints

Full Katskin leather interior with heated front seats

7” flip out DVD player/head unit

7” headrest monitors

7” monitors installed in the doors (will send pics if interested)

Wired for both audio and video to be run to the trunk for more monitors and subs (have pic of this also if needed)

Like I said, I am probably forgetting something so enjoy any goodies you find that are not mentioned. I am willing to work with you on getting the car transported to you if you are not in the Chicagoland area. Please respond to the thread or message me if you are interested or need to see more pictures. You can also text me @ 630-461-0236 or email @ [email protected].