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I have a B&M short shifter... I have some shifter bushings installed that I could take out and send wit the shifter (feels AWESOME).
but I would need your stock 6 speed shifter... I'm trading in for a 07.

you're in GA, we could meet-up and do the swap if you wanted? take out the B&M from my car and I'll give you the bushings too... Just the short shifter will feel a little rubbery/stiff, the bushings make it feel smooth and crisp- night/day difference. They're $25 (bushings), and I got the shorth throw for $190, but I'll give you both for $170. Is that good?

I have the stock bushings, so you wouldn't need to give me yours... and I can help you with the install if you wanted.
Let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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