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long island, new york

it's red -- the thing about the paint is, everytime you wash the car, or whenever it rains.. the car looks BRAND SPANKIN NEW.. seriously.. i've even gotten pulled over for (not) speeding after it was newly washed

seventy-something thousand on it

shitload of new parts including:
-brake lines

and theres one or two more that i cannot remember

i'll upload pics later on

car is in perfect working condition and excellent physical shape
i even have red hawaiian seat covers on the back and passenger seats and steering wheel



...oh yeah and the engine was completely rebuilt @ around 35-40,000mi because i drove through a puddle and there was a defective oil pan so all the oil leaked out and the engine locked.. dealership replaced and towed everything at 0 cost (if you're in the NY area i suggest checking out D&P Auto in Bellmore, NY, they're a fantastic dealership)
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