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** 2013 Car of the Month - May – Best Black Tiburon **

Winner = GeneralDuke

Congratulations GeneralDuke~! Your car is the Car of the Month~!!


2005 Carbon Black Tiburon GT V6


My very first car was a 89 Ford Aerostar. Couldn't go 55 without the damn thing shaking, but it got me to where I needed to go the first couple years of driving. After looking around for something that would actually be reliable, I found something that not only would be safer than the minivan, but a whole lot better looking. It was an 03 silver v6 tib. It had 43k miles on it and I couldn't have been happier getting it. I found this forum back in 2004 and shortly after, I started modding. Not very big mods. Exhaust, CAI, rear sway, wheels, etc. After only a few months of owning it, it was totaled in an accident. T-boned in the middle of an intersection. It was rough losing the 03, but just a week or so after I was driving in a brand new 05 midnight blue. And that's where this tib started. Not much modding done the first couple years, but towards the beginning of 2007, I just couldn't fight the itch anymore. I finally signed up here and started diving into all the info this place has to offer.

Why the Tiburon

There were a few other cars I was considering before purchasing my first tib. I looked at SRT4s, GT-S Celica's, RSX Type-S, etc. Now even though these other cars were probably a better platform, I just couldn't help but love the looks of the tib. I knew the power wasn't really there, but I didn't care. I wanted something different and that's exactly what I've got with the tib.

For a few years, the 05 was my DD, but as I progressed more with modding, it became obvious that daily driving the tib just wasn't practical, especially when I started a family. The past several years it was a leisure car that I drove mostly on the weekends. Since it was painted, it's now mostly garaged.

Motivation behind the build

This forum has really kept me going with the tib over the years. Seeing what others have done to their tibs, has really inspired me to push the envelope. I really do take pride in what I've done to the tib. I believe it has given me a drive and passion for cars that I never had before. Something I will carry throughout my life.

Most challenging mod

I wouldn't say it was the most challenging mod, but the Aerocatch hood pins were very stressful to install. Cutting into a $750 hood isn't something to take lightly. I took my time, measured several times before I even started cutting, and then came the headache of getting everything lined up so the lock pins would fit correctly. It was a major PITA if you ask me. The sniper install initially was time consuming and challenging, but after a few times removing it, it's pretty easy now. I wouldn't want to do the hood pin install again.

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Most & least favorite mods

My favorite mod is probably a toss up between the paint job/body work and the sniper. Hearing the whine of that blower is just a different feeling, but seeing peoples heads turn when they see the tib roll by is a very gratifying feeling. Puts a smile on my face that the sniper simply can't.

My least favorite mod was either the KJB adjustable end-links or the first set of headers I installed(eBay). Both made such an annoying amount of noise, I had to fix both on more than one occasion, and if I could do it over again, I would have never touched either of the parts. Since then, I went to some Moog end-links and DC headers. Haven't had any issues with either since.

Future plans

Not much left to do really. Plans for new wheels may be a no go since I still only have 2 of them, with no word of when I'll get the other 2. Don't think I really want to dive into rebuilding the engine either. I think the tib may just be complete. Still might finish up the trunk space with a nice enclosure. But that's just if I get around to it.

My ideal Tiburon is...

I would say I've done a pretty good job of attacking the best of both worlds. I don't necessarily think it's really much of a "show" car, but that's really not what I was going for. I wanted something I would enjoy looking at and driving. Not something real flashy or corny. After all, I'm the one putting money into the thing. I'm not looking to make other people happy about my car. I would say show and go is the way to go, but few can afford both. Guess that's why they say you gotta pay to play though.

Feedback from family and friends?

I've gotten crap from just about everyone about the tib. My wife is always asking if I'm ever going to sell it and my parents shake their heads every time they hear how much I've dumped into it. But modding is something I enjoy, a hobby. I can actually think of several other hobbies that are much more expensive than modding cars. I usually just tell my wife I'll get around to selling it eventually. When will that be? Not entirely sure, but I'd like to think I can hold onto her just a little bit longer.

Advice to fellow modders

Do it right the first time and put money into what you really want. I understand people like to fit in, but it's your car. If you don't like how it looks or what it does, save yourself the time and money and don't do it.

Shout-Outs to~

I'd like to give a shout-out to UnholyTib, 06tiburonofdoom, and many others for inspiring me to keep going with the tib and never stopping until I reached what I wanted.


-Full Paint Job
-Full Body Kit
-G-Games Thunder Front Bumper
-GT Tech "Type 2" Sideskirts
-GT Tech Rear Pods(Molded)
-Zefiro Chaos Carbon Fiber Hood(Painted)
-Shaved Antenna
-Shaved Hatch Emblem and Keyhole
-KDM Chrome Door Handles
-OEM High Rise Spoiler
-Tomato A&P Eyelines
-Aerocatch Locking Hood Pins
-15% Window Tint
-Kickxtc 35 watt 6000k HID's
-Diode Dynamics 5SMD Bright White License Plate Bulbs
-FFF Painted Carbon Fiber Deltas
-Front and Rear Fenders Fully Rolled


-NRG Quick Release 2.0(Black)
-NRG Short Hub
-MOMO Millineum Sport Steering Wheel(Red Stitching & Piping)
-Polished/Chrome E-brake Cover
-System Upgrade Polished Vent Ring Set
-Full Interior Lighting Color Change(Orange to Blue)
-F/L2 Gauge Cluster
-F/L2 Center Fascia
-F/L2 Auto Shifter Indicator
-F/L2 Dimmer Switch
-F/L2 Metallic Window Switch Controls
-F/L2 Metallic Door Handles
-F/L2 Metallic Door Catches
-KDM Metallic Pedal Set
-KDM Tuscani Door Sills
-KDM Chrome Door Striker Set
-KDM Passenger Side Cup-holder
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel Tuscani E-Brake Plate
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel Tuscani Mission Plate
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel Tuscani Door Light Inserts
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel Tuscani Gauge Cluster Bezel
-Diode Dynamics 6SMD Board Bright White Dome Lights
-Diode Dynamics Bright White Glove Box Light
-Diode Dynamics Bright White Trunk Light
-Diode Dynamics Bright White Ashtray Light
-ATI Gauge Pod
-Two-Seater Conversion


-NGM Stage 2 Sniper Supercharger
-NGM 70mm Tri-Flo Big Bore Throttle Body
-NGM Stage 4 Lower Intake Manifold
-NGM Icebox
-NGM Solid Billet Motor Mounts
-NGM 360cc Injectors
-NGM Stage 2 ECU
-NGM 2.8" S/C Pulley
-ARK DT-S V2 Catback Exhaust
-DC Sports Headers
-Fujita Cold Air Intake
-ZMR Stage 2 EVAC Kit with Shaved Front Valve Cover
-ZMR Black SS Icebox Lines with Black AN Fittings
-MirrorFinshPolishing Polished Fuel Rails
-Weapon-R Engine Damper
-Mishimoto Polished Radiator
-Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
-Mishimoto Transmission Oil Cooler
-Greddy Radiator Cap
-Injen Oil Cap
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel Custom Valve Cover Insert
-Midnight Wolf Stainless Steel MAF Cover
-Billet "T" Dipstick Cover
-Glowshift WIdeband and Gauge
-Glowshift Boost Gauge


-Ark ST-P Coilovers
-Ark Rear Sway Bar
-Ark Rear Strut Tower Bar
-RRM S/C Front Strut Tower Bar
-UltraRacing Lower Member Brace
-UltraRacing Room Bar
-NRG Harness Bar
-Moog Front/Rear Endlinks
-Ingalls Camber Bolts
-KJB Delrin Trailing Arm Bushings
-Ingalls Control Arms "Smart Arms"
-Nul7 Traction Bars
-Hyperblack Rota Grids(18 x 8.5 +44)
-Falken FK-452 235/40 Rear Tires
-Continental DWS 225/40 Front Tires
-Hyperblack GT3 Rota Center Caps
-Project Kics Revo R40 Lug Nuts
-Rays Valve Stems(Anodized Black)
-Wilwood Front Big Brake Kit
-Wilwood Rear Big Brake Kit
-Wilwood Stainless Steel Brake Lines


-Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD Double Din Touchscreen
-Infinity Kappa 12" Subs
-Infinity Kappa 2-Way 6.5 Front Speakers
-Infinity Kappa 2-Way 6x9 Rear Speakers
-Infinity Kappa 4-Channel Amp
-Infinity Kappa Mono Channel Amp
-StreetWires Amp Power Wire
-StreetWires RC 4-Channel and 2-Channel Wire
-StreetWires 12 & 16 Gauge Speaker Wire
-Fatmat(Throughout Entire Car)
-Optima Red Top Battery
-Cobra Radar Detector


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Grats! Like i said before, an absolute masterpeice :) I didn't know an engine bay can get that clean :p

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congratulations, true inspiration

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This is something that I aim for!
Thank you sir for the inspiration, especially with my favourite rims <3

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It's an awsome black beauty.. Well put together with an extreme eye for detail...

I love it.


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This will always be 1 of my top choice Tibs. It is a perfect example of the potential these cars have. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you have in store.

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Just gorgeous. You've done so much to it but still kept it so clean and unmuttled looking. Love it, congratulations.
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Thats an amazing setup!

Im looking to get an exhaust setup like that, but I dont have $900+ to spend on it. lol I can afford a resonator, and two mufflers, and pay for the installation (I cant weld well enough).
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