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(Tiburon with most improvements added within the past ~12 months)

Submission Rules:

[1] All vehicle submissions must be made by the vehicle owner. Nominations made by anyone that is not the vehicle owner will be deleted.
[2] Before submitting your nomination, follow the requirements and make sure you belong in the correct category. All modifications, pictures, and formatting are subject to review.
[3] For information on the number of pictures required and what the mandatory pictures must look like, please refer to the links below.

[4] The following info about your ride is required:

1. Year and Trim level of your Tiburon
2. Picture of your Tiburon ~12 months ago (the "Before" picture).
3. Pictures of your Tiburon now (the "After" pictures).
4. List of all modifications
5. Three mandatory pictures - front, side, & rear.
6. (Optional) Up to 7 more pictures of the car.

**Car of the Month Submission & Formatting Rules**

**Failure to follow the proper format will result in your submission being deleted.**

This thread will close on Sunday, January 17th at 10PM, Pacific Standard time. Voting will begin on Monday, January 18th.

This thread is for Submissions Only.
Please do not make conversational posts.

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Hyundai Tiburon


Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Currently as of January 14, 2015:

Everything I have done in the year of 2014:
BOYO VTB44MC 4.3-Inch Digital LCD Rear View Mirror Monitor and Camera Combination
Hyundai Trunk Cargo Umbrella Clip Holder with Senz Umbrella
Audi Retractable Grab Handles
Retractable Passenger Side Sunglasses Holder
Mounted Passenger Side Fire Extinguisher

Putco Red 1157 Type Hyper Flash Premium Replacement Bulbs (Brake Lights)
JEGS Performance Aluminum Hood Pins
Uninstalled Rear Window Wiper & Wing, Body Work to Cover Holes
Shorty Black Antenna
CR Laurence NP1732B5H Newport 17X32 Hi Perf Sunroof in the Hood (Hood Scoop)
Hood Spacers
Custom Roof Rack from Subaru Outback
INNO Grab Max Mount Rooftop Snowboard Rack
INNO Advanced Car Racks Fairing
V-Force Vortex Generator Universal Spoiler Fins

OBX Upper Intake Thermal Gasket
Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Oil Catch Can Model: MMOCC-CF
Red Mishimoto Radiator Hoses, Upper and Lower
DC Sports HHR4501 Silver 3-1 Race Header with Ceramic Coating

Megan Racing Lowering Springs MR-LS-HT03
25mm (1") 5x114.3 Hubcentric Wheel Spacers
DC Sports CSB2501 Gunmetal Carbon Steel Rear Strut Bar

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SE l4

Exactly 1 year ago: basically sat with racelands, xxr's, and FL headlights.


ABC_0186 by davidajjackson, on Flickr

15236793109_bf4f658e62_k by davidajjackson, on Flickr

15423559015_533194c320_k by davidajjackson, on Flickr

15423548675_c269c9e117_k by davidajjackson, on Flickr

Mod List

Full Exterior vinyl Wrap - Hexis Traffic Grey
FL Headlights
Mirimoto xB Angel Eyes
NIA Eyelids
ZG Flares
Web Motorsports Carbon Fiber Grill
V-Type Front Lip
Shaved Badges, Wiper, and Wing
Taillight Red Out Vinyls
LED License Plate Lights

Limited Edition Leather Seats
Limited Edition Leather Door Inserts
Limited Edition Shift Knob
07-08 Gauge Cluster
KDM Cup Holder
Silver Trim
Diode Dynamics Tuscani steering wheel emblem
Kenwood Touchscreen Head-unit

Hyundai Performance Exhaust - made by Vibrant Performance
Delrin Shifter Bushings
Elantra Transmission
Stage 3 Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel
12" R1 Concepts Drilled/Slotted Rotors

Work VS-XX Wheels
D2 Rally Asphalt Coilovers
MOOG Endlinks
Rays Shorty Lug Nuts

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