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Hey Everyone,

Some good friends of mine are organizing a Hyundai meet in ALBQ over labor day. Its primarily a Hyundai crowd but all car lovers are welcome!! I've driving down from Colorado to be there and anyone from CO wanting to go can form a "train" with me. Here's a copy, past from rdtiburon on meet details!!

Okay everyone, it's the official thread for the 2009 LLLL. For those that don't know, I moved out of Albuquerque about 2 months ago, and with desire for more actual CAR TIME in the meets, we've decided to run this over Labor Day weekend, at my new house in Los Lunas NM.

YES, this will be a somewhat themed party, and yes, it's going on for 3 days at least. The old meet was becoming too big to get everyone to the balloon fiesta, and everyone was so tired all of the time, that we had little time for us and our cars. Time for that to change.

Hawaii shirts, shorts, leis, all of it.

Oh yeah!


1. Group dinner OUT.
2. Group drive.
3. Group BBQ/party.
4. Buffet at local casino.
5. Track day at the drag strip or the local road course.
6. Schwag and prize drawing. (SPONSORS WELCOME!!!)


1. Me
2. Lizgiggles - My wife.
3. Role Reversal
4. Tibbytib
5. DmDicks
6. Alli007
7. Allli's hubby.
8. Javageek + Clan.
9. Elantra Matt


1. Patreezy

I KNOW there is a "recession" going on, so you really just need to bring yourself, a sleeping bag, pillow, some fresh clothes, and a bit of cash for our meals out. None will be very expensive, and most everything else will be free or nearly so. Donations if we do the track will be accepted to help cover some of the costs.

Ask anyone that has been to any of these, we've always had a great time

This is the track we can rent.

Sandia Motorsports Park.

Our courses consist of:

two paved ovals
a .25 mile flat oval inside
a .45 mile banked oval
a 1.65 mile road course
a small dirt track for radio-controlled race cars
dirt motorcycle complex NEW
Quarter midget paved oval

The .45 mile semi banked oval will entertain the Short Track Divisions (Modifieds, Street Stock & Super Trucks).
The .25 mile flat oval will host the exciting Legends division and the Mini Stock and Slug Bugs Stock division in terrific wheel to wheel action.

The 36 foot wide road course incorporates technical and sweeping turns with two 70 foot wide straights, and over twenty feet of elevation changes. This course will prove to be one of the most exciting and challenging road courses in the country. A large portion of it is visible from the grandstands, introducing a unique type of spectator event not previously seen in this area. Sandia Motorsports Park, the road course, will host sports car clubs, vintage racers, shifter karts and motorcycles.
That was last year's get together.

Here are photobuckets for the previous years meets, when I remembered to upload. LOL Show Pics/
Chose the albums from the left side of the screen.

Let me know if you are coming, and if you want to stay with me, Role Reversal, or at a local hotel, as there are a few within a mile of me.

Got some good suprises in the works, lets hope they come through!

PLEASE get the link for this out to all of those you think would want to come from other sites. THIS IS NOT A rd only event, invite everyone! Feel free to get my contact info for any sponsors that you think would like to give discounts or items away at the meet.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
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