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I am about to sell off the last of my comp. car equipment not going to use! It is all Alpine pieces, and I am going to go another route with the Tib! I am just wanting to put a feeler out here (where the audio heads are), and see if it has some intrest! I am asking $1450.00 for everything shipped UPS, and will get everthing together and take pictures and list all the details, and such, all together new, it was around $3000. I am wanting to ship this as a whole setup, that way you will save some cash, if I break it up, it will cost more. Once I get it all together, and pictures, I will post a thread in the F/S section, so watch this thread, when I make the F/S thread, I will post a link here! You can search through Yahoo, with part #'s and you can get a idea of what is what and how it looks. Everything is in good condition, but one cable is damaged I believe, just have to figure out what it goes too! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I have a sick family right now, so it may be next week before I can get all of this together.
Alpine Part #'s!
IVA-D300 - 7" Flip out!
CHA-S634 - 6 Disc changer (believe this has the damaged cable, but I can fix it)
PXA-H700 - (Linked to the owners manual so you can read what it is for) Multi-Media manager / Will most likely keep this, if I can not sell the whole package, or get a reasonable offer!
KCA-420I - Alpine iPod Interface
KCA-410C - Versatile Link Interface / The image explains it best
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