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I had mine wrapped professionally, but I had major paint damage before I did it. He had to sand it down, remove some dents, and smooth it all out before doing it so I wasn't really concerned about damaging anything on removal (which I haven't had to do yet so I don't know how that will go). Honestly if you're concerned at all about damaging the paint job you have I probably wouldn't do it. If you're ok with possibly pulling it off in a few years and doing another wrap then you'd be fine. I may or may not have my car long enough to find out how well it comes off. I went with 3M 1080 though which is one of the industry leaders so I would hope it would release well.

Here's a before and after from my wrap shop, hard to tell but there was major clearcoat damage on the roof and hood among other things. Oh yeah and the gas cap was white...lazy previous owner.
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