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Hello All!!! I'm terribly sorry about breaking the 100 post count mandate, but I have a wife and 6yo disabled daughter that keep faith in me to keep the lights on, rent paid, and the water running! I'm in between jobs ATM, and there was an eviction notice from the park manager on the door this morning... Along with an overdue water bill and a $280 power bill coming up, so I desperately need funds before my interview, let alone my first payday 😓. Sadly, I wrecked my Tiburon... At approximately 28mph on main street a while back, so I have no use for these parts, but I sure as heck need some bill money! All parts are BNIB, except for the eGay headers/test pipe... I painted them with VHT aluminum heat coating, but never got a chance to install them. My family needs bill money in the worst kind of way, and I'm having no luck on FB marketplace, so I'll accept any reasonable offer... I have:
Ark gtf?(orange) springs asking $200
Tein S-Tech springs: $150
KYB GR-2 struts: $200
eBay v6 headers+test pipe VHT coated: $80
SPC F+R camber bolts: I won't say no... Same for the 3mm spacers... Please help my family, and again I'M VERY SORRY I BROKE THE POST COUNT RULE, but my family desperately needs this!!! Thank you anyone who can help!!!
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