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(all this is for an attempted mid mounted project) Finally chopped out the rear floor pans. Now i'm plotting out where i am going to relocate the frame piece that connects the rear struts. Before i make anymore cuts, i have to get support bars tacked in or bother the hell out of the local speed shop to come by and get the cage fit. There is not much room for moving things around all too much where the body meets the frame. The frame angles and changes bar diameter as it gets to the rear wheel wells. Can't really tub inward, because you hit the frame. and the outer portion of the tib fenders (rear body panels) slope downwards from the seam in the tire well. Meaning there is gonna be alot of cutting and shaping of the wheel wells.

When i cut the floor pan/ spare tire well; i cut along the folded edge of metal. ( when you take off the seam sealer from underneath, you'll see where the body panels are folded/ pressed/ tacked together. If you cut all the way to the frame, you could damage the frame, and also make it more difficult to weld in new plates. The folded lip ( i will try and get pics for those of you who do not know what im talking about), helps keep some sort of strength, and an edge to weld your new plates to.

The tibs engine bay, as cramped as it is, is not as cramped as the hatch area. Mocking up the subframe to the rear hatch area jus to see where things would sorts go, and there are no areas of the frame or body that will allow you to jus weld in some mounting points and strap it right in. And honestly, if you are doing a build of this type, you want to have a professional (if you do not have the expertise) to fabricate the parts you need. You're gonna want to build a specific fitting rear subframe; attempting to make the stock one fit in the rear will be a ton more work that it has to be.

Keep in mind, i am learning as i go, teaching myself/ watching youtube videos/ asking around for advice, and attempting to apply it to these projects. I am in no means a mechanic, or engineer. I like problem solving and working with my hands. Doing my best to keep my nephew busy and teach him what little bit of stuff i do know, while this covid **** has schools a mess. So these projects are gonna take a while. Esp since having to get a new set of pistons (they dont sell them individually) for one of the 2.7s.

The tib next to this one only has the spare tire well cut out. This one is getting the awd conversion. There does not seem to be any problems with the rear seat pan, i am anticipating the drive shaft to clear. Needed to cut the spare tire well out in order to mount the differential. i'd probably do better with a youtube page rambling on about this stuff instead of you having to read all this none sense.


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