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I lost the power of 12v when I turn off the engine..the stereo its shutdown flashing,,lights inside gone off, and aftermarket alarm start on,because not detect 12v.if I turn on the ingnition power is back,some times quickly and somes times take like few seconds,the cluster make noise,and when this problem is present if I going up my aftermaket sound system all lights start flashing, like when you have ground wire without enough current.. this problem start from one day I make short with ground wire,and the cabin fuse is blow out(yelow plastic 10).but just replace the fuse and works fine.but few weeks later start happen this lose power.I check the battery connections and its fine..maybe need new alternator?? (aftermaket 10 years old)but still charge 14v with engine run,,.this problem I can solved only temporarily If I remove the fuse 10 cabin(yelow plastic) and put back or if I disconnect the battery for few seconds, the problem is gone for maybe 1 week or 2,but the problem come back,,..I check litlee info about this fuse.say something about going to local memory not sure about computer or not sure if is my BCM or bad wires( + )( - )any suggetions?
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