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Alright guys. I have a 2003 tiburon automatic i4. I love my baby. I’ve been dealing with this for months. The car will vibrate so bad when at idle or pulling up to a stoplight. While it’s not as noticeable at a cold start, when I finally warm it up, it becomes unbearable. The RPM’s stay at around 600-700 at idle. But when the car is warm and I’m at a stop light it will dip to 500 and slightly fluctuate. I usually put it in neutral when I stop to ease the vibrations, slightly. Going to drive or reverse from a stop causes the RPM’s to dip under 500 before comin back up to 500. It kinda bogs down on me. But it’s never cut off.
I’ve changed so much already.
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
ALL motor and trans mounts
Engine oil
Trans oil
Map sensor
Cleaned out throttle body
Air filter
Mechanic shop doesn’t know what’s causing it. There’s no check engine light and the compression test said everything was great. It just doesn’t make any sense! Please help me out
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