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We don't have much for aftermarket suspension anymore. You either get stiffer lowering springs or start with a budget set of coilovers such as Racelands. Don't go any cheaper than Racelands or things start to become dangerous. Maxpeedingrods are dangerous as hell so stay far away. Don't be this guy:

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I have an 03 and I've got a subwoofer wall in the back and it's kinda heavy. What's the best way to keep from blowing struts/upgrade
Have you already blown struts? If so, how old/many miles were they?
Common, and decent, replacement struts are KYB GR-2/Excell. Straight bolt in and work with stock springs and most lowering springs.

I never recommend Raceland parts. If someone still wants them, I suggest you buy 2 full sets. That way, when you blow a strut, swap in another while the blown one is sent back for warranty replacement.
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