Seeing if anyone out there would be interested in buying my Turbo Kit. Looks like I’ll be putting the car back to stock and selling off everything. I’ve just decided not to go ahead with this project anymore.
It’s more suited for the Beta 1 with the intercooler piping and fuel pressure reg.
It’s currently installed on my 99 Elantra but will also suit 96-01 Tiburon.

The kit includes
Kinugawa TD05H-16G Turbo (oil cooled)
Turbo oil feed and return lines
MMS Turbo manifold
Tial 38mm wastegate 5psi spring
3” dump pipe
Front mount intercooler (same side)
All the intercooler pipes and couplers
Dual port BOV
Fuel pressure reg and all the fittings
Catch can setup with hoses
Vacuum block with hoses
3” intake and pod filter
Slim thermo

You can look at the build thread under I4 forced induction.

I think that’s about it. I can’t include the battery due to shipping restrictions unless ur in Aus.

To install the kit you’ll have to cut out some metal to run the intercooler pipes through and weld a bung in the sump for the oil return. Also possibly modify the top bracket where the bumper bolts onto.
If running a maf sensor u may need to modify the pipe where the bov is. My car is map based so no maf sensor.

you’ll still need an aftermarket ecu install for tuning. I do also have some Bosch 440cc injectors which should be a straight drop in.

As for shipping.
To USA it’s about $300usd from an online quote. I’d have to send 2 boxes due to box size restrictions.