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Billet antenna question..

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Does anyone here knows how to mount that little antenna on my car i just don't get it !!! :3_frown:

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have u tried unscrewing your antenna.. then screwing that one in?.. or does it not fit right?
yeah i tried that before.. it's too small :3_confuse
maybe you need an adapter of some sort?
it might be made to fit a Japanese car, in which case you would need an adapter. I got an antenna before and it said it fit all Japanese car and I was like YAY but forgot that Hyundai is Korean. But I saw those same little billet antennas and it said it didn't need an adapter and u could just screw it in.
well just screw in in doesn't work for me.. guess i have to buy me an adapter.. if only i knew what kind of adapter...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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