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C-shark needs some assistance...

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UPDATE: The metal ring does need to be cut out when installing the inserts. FYI.

I bought the SFR poly motor mount inserts - front and rear. I understand they are supposed to be installed using a press.

My question: When I remove the existing rubber from the motor mount, do I need to cut out the metal ring that goes around the inside of the mount bracket or is it supposed to stay? On the DIY for the billet inserts, it shows that these are to be cut out before pressing the new inserts in. I am not sure if the ring needs to be cut out for the poly inserts or left in.

Can someone confirm the correct way to install them? If there is a DIY for this, a link would be appreciated.

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Sorry. I wish I knew. In fact, as I hope to get the polyurethane mounts, I would like an answer, too.
I was just looking at the DIY for the aluminum inserts and it seems that this ring needs to be removed for the poly inserts too. The inserts should be here in a few days and I can probably figure it out from there. I will be sure to post the correct method - leave the ring or remove it - when I am done.

why dont you cut it out and see if it fits?
I am pretty sure we had to cut my motor mount ring and weld it back together.
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