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I'm gonna start off by saying when it comes to timing im a noob. Im not claiming that i know what im talking about. In fact what im posting is purely what i've put together from doing some reading. So please be helpful with your posts.

Im going Stage3 with my alpine setup and i want to adjust the timing to get the most out of my stock cams using the adjustable spockets. In doing some research i gained a very vague and basic understanding of what i need to do. B/c my car is boosted i need to minimize overlap. (If im not mistaken Overlap is the time that the intake valve and exhaust valve are open at the same time.) Correct me if im worng but this is done by adjusting the cam gears. The cam gears will allow me to move the intake centerline away from the exhaust centerline. Once again from what i've read doing this will allow time for the exhaust to begin to close while the intake is opening not allowing the boost to flow right out the exhaust.

Now how should i go about adjusting the timing? Should i start with intake or the exhaust cam gear? How many degrees do i set the cam gears to? i understand if i advance the intake cam gear and retard the exhaust cam gear too far, i risk piston to valve contact?

Is there anyone out there who has a F/L GK that has adjusted there cam gears? If so how far? I understand that each person's engine will have a different optimal cam gear setting for it and just because someone has the exact same model tib and parts as me, does not necessarily mean that their engine and yours behave identically. I'm just trying to get a general idea.
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