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I am posting this up for more exposure in hopes of gaining a bit more attention for a really great cause. I've copied over the post from the forums. Please, if you can make it, help support a great cause.

Alright ladies and gentelman, my good friend/co-worker and i are starting a car show in sept. Sept is childhood cancer awareness month. The friend of mine lost his son acouple of years ago to lukemia 4 days before his 5th bday. Ever since then he has always wanted to do something like especially with cars. So we finally got our **** together and started planning this about 3 months ago. They flyer explains alot of this.....check it out!

Now, 100% of the procedes raised will be going out. 50% of the money raised will be going to cancer cure search, the other 50% will be going to the playroom at Meritcare, we already have a wishlist from all the kids up there that they want so we will buy as many items as we can off the list, people instead of donating money for this they can also donate stuff from this list. We will be making a big poster board and have it on hand so if people do donate off the list we will check them off as we go. We will be having y-94 and rock 102 on hand and will be doing some live feeds from the show and y-94 might depending on the weather might bring a dunk tank. This is a family event, we will be doing face painting and also have a inflatable jump house coming. There will be a police cruiser that will stop threwout the day and also an ambulance. Culvers has also agreed to donate a % of there sales from 2-3 hour period to our cause also. We will have t-shirts for sale also.
We are trying to make this a big as we can. If everything goes good this year we will be making this an annual event which we hope it will. Bring and enter anything that you want to, if its under const. bring it out we love to see the progress of stuff like that, especiall to see what it looked like before and what it will look like when you are done. If anyone has any questions either email the addy on the poster or just pm me. Lets get the word out and get as many people as we can out there. We will start handing out flyers on Thurs august 6th at the cruise night and posting them all over town. If there are people from out of town (fargo) and want some flyers let me know ill make some and meet you somewheres.
Thanks again and hope to see all out there.

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