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My car has been acting weird lately. I went on a road trip and my car stalled on me after I was done putting in gas. It continues to turn off when I'm at a stop light. My only CEL at the time was P0010 but my VVT is fine. I used some fuel system cleaner and it fixed my car for about a day. I decided to look at my throttle body and air filter and there was oil in both so I replaced the PCV valve and air filter. When I did this I broke the connector on the hose next to the PCV valve that connects directly to the air intake so I had to change the valve cover. I cleaned the throttle body and MAF with throttle body cleaner. Now I'm having a cylinder misfire in 3 out of 4 of my cylinders. Spark plugs are relatively new and I just changed the wires too. I have no MAF sensor CEL but could this be the reason for my misfires since I used throttle body cleaner on it? 2/3 of the misfires had oil in the spark plug wells and I cleaned up the spark plug and well but it still shows a misfire. I do plan on changing spark plug gasket, it's just that they had sent me the wrong part when I ordered the valve cover gasket.

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Oil in the spark plug well is a leaking valve cover. A full cover kit will replace the cover gasket and the plug well seals.
The stalling JUST AFTER putting in gas can mean cheap gas and/or water. I would "deal with it" until you run the tank down, then refill.
If water, a bottle of dry gas may help.

As to the MAF, use ONLY MAF cleaner. The throttle body can use carb cleaner or other similar to remove varnish and oil.
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