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Hey everybody,

I hope everyone is doing alright.

I have an issue with my central locking mechanism. The central locking is not working at all, and never has (since I've bought the car last year). The previous owners said it was an electrical issue with the driver-side door. I've opened it and fixed some wires, but now I've come to the central locking problem and can't figure this out. The locks work on their own and the switch inside the lock (that connects to BCM-EF8 and BCM-EF3) works. However, the connections to the actuator motors do not work at all. I do not get a signal at all from BCM-FF6 or BCM-FF8, but according to the schema, I should as one should be grounded and the other one should be going to the fuse. I checked the fuse and it does not seem broken. What else could the problem be? I don't think it's a faulty BCM, as I have replaced it already without any effects on the locking.

Rectangle Product Schematic Slope Font

Thanks for the help!

(PS. This is my first post, I hope I don't break any rules.)
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