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Charcoal Box Cleaning

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Allright, so in this DIY I will be showing you how to remove, clean, and reinstall the charcoal box from your Tib.

Do this if

1. While fueling up your tank, the nozzle pops a LOT and very quickly
2. Your gas tank overflows very easily
3. Other issues with filling/gas tank/fuel supply to engine

Difficulty rating 2

Only takes about 30 minutes but you will get dirty

Tools needed

1. Socket wrench with at least a 6 inch reach
2. 10mm socket (inside 2 bolts/screws)
3. 12mm socket (outside 4 bolts)
4. Pliers
5. Screwdriver (electric is nice) with a few inches of reach


Step 1

Crawl under the back of the car with your 12mm socket wrench and undo the 4 bolts on the metal casing. It is located directly under the license plate and in between the rear axle and the bumper. (not as difficult as it sounds just look)

BE CAREFUL The casing weighs a good 20 pounds with the charcoal box inside

There are 2 bolts circled, and 2 nuts with the bolt heads behind the metal housing (shown by arrows)

Here's a picture of the 2 nuts towards the front of the car; they are located above the rear axle

Once you remove the bolts lower the box to the ground so you can work with it from laying down on your stomach at the back of the car

Step 2

Remove the 2 10mm bolts (has a phillips screwdriver slot on top wont unscrew, trust me) using the 10mm head for the socket wrench. They are both located on the left under the 3 hoses. It holds the box to the casing.

The hoses are removed in this picture, just ignore it, take out the bolts

Step 3

Use the pliers to pinch the metal pincers holding the tubes onto their attachments and slide them down the tube an inch or so

You can see the metal piece moved over in this picture

Now you can remove the actual tubes from their plugs, just use the pliers, and pinch the tubes an inch out and just pry it off, takes some force but they will pop off

Careful! These tubes are connected to the gas tank so you will get a rush of fumes, just be careful to not breath them in too much | THEY ARE FLAMMABLE

The bottom tube (the largest) wraps around the box and plugs into some weird thing, pop it out of the side using the clamps and work the plug out of its hole.. (just look at the pictures)

When you get the tubes off, shake them out a bit and make sure there is no charcoal piece clogged up there, mine had a handful or so a few inches up

Step 5

Now you can actually remove the charcoal box and dump out the little pellets. Most effective method to empty it (for me) is turning it vertical with the 3 tube side down and slowly jiggle over a trash can

It holds almost a gallon of little pebbles and takes 5-10 minutes to clear all the way out, just be patient

Here's how much came out of mine, all that black is the little pebbles

At this point I decided to spray the box down with some water to rinse it off, optional I suppose

Step 6

Now we start the re-installation process

First, plug all the wires back into their spots and put the metal holders in their places (again, just follow pictures. They make more sense then my explanation)

The right side (with the big plug) is the tough part, stick the plastic plug in at an angle, then try and pop the piece into its housing, just push and wiggle. Takes some force

This is how far down the plastic plug should go, just push all the way

Second, screw/bolt the charcoal box back into the casing, same spots as before, right below the tubes

This is where I used the screwdriver with the reach, its easier to get to the screw hole below the tubes with the magnetic tip screwdriver, then use the socket wrench to tighten it

Step 7

Bolt the casing back on and you're done. Put on the nuts over the rear axle first and then put in the bolts in the back.

Here's a final pic before I screwed it back on, you can see mine is much cleaner :3_nosthum

Now make sure your car starts up fine (I don't know why it wouldn't..) and you're done!
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You need to check the tubes that attach to the canister as well. Sometimes charcoal bits get sucked up into them and clog it from there. You can also change that filter while you're in there (fuel tank air filter is what it's called) though I haven't heard of it getting plugged up enough to cause a fuel problem.
we checked the tubes as well. No charcoal came out from anywhere. we were very confused doing it. we banged the crap out of it and still no charcoal. Im worried if i bang any harder it will break.
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