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I need instructions on how to replace the under dash lights with LED on 1997 Hyundai Coupe, can anyone give me instructions on how to remove the dash instrument cluster?

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It took me a few minutes to filter through all the BS and fake downloads, browser extensions and the like. Once I got to it, it is real. Thank you!!

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Thank you for providing these! I have an 06 and 08. Do you or anyone know how much of especially the electical info also applies to the 08?

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The Complete Tiburon Shop Manuals Available For Download Now!
All Links Updated And Working!

Well, I have been fortunate enough to find some information on foreign forums and was
able to obtain the Complete Shop Manual, Body Repair Manual, and Electrical Manuals!


1/2016...... updated link (others still work...)...from NoSloppy who is providing this version....[]Click me
6/3/2014, Update!!! Those below are kind of limited. Here is some updated versions!
Thanks to airkix72 for finding and hosting these!
I put all my tibby based files on my Google Drive, so get them while you can!

One click list of additional info

Electrical Manual zipped
06 Manuals zipped
Coupe Body Repair PDF
Owners Manual zipped
Owners Manual PDF
Shop Manual zipped
97-05 wiring PDF
Smitty's audio wiring DOC
Body Repair zipped
Base tuning bin file


Shop manuals being sold on ebay for $100+ are all in nicely Zipped PDF files, ready for printing or quick reference.

Tiburon Shop Manual - 120 MB
Tiburon Electrical Manual - 95 MB
Tiburon Body Repair Manual - 12 MB
2003 Tiburon Owners Manual - 2 MB

Please take note that these Manuals were written for the European version of the Tiburon (Hyundai Coupe) There are some slight differences (Such as the 2.7L having a Timing Chain) however these manuals are still something that everyone should have a copy of.

has taken it upon himself to offer the full comprehensive 2006 Hyundai HMA.
This manual has all the information on the 2.0L and 2.7L Tibruon as well as all other 2006 Hyundai models
(Accent, Sonata, Elantra, Tucson, Azera and Santa Fe)

This manual is displayed in a nice looking, interactive (free running) Flash Player.
Includes both Workshop and Electrical Manuals.

2006 Hyundai Manuals - 265 MB

This set of manuals are used by most North America Hyundai dealerships.

Thanks once again for this contribution Borovan!

What happened to the schematic diagram for the 2004 tiburón? It was number 05 on the pdf file but disappeared. Anyone else have the wiring schematic diagram for a 2004 tiburon??
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