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I know there are threads on them but even looking for "headers warranty" i get 10+ page threads :/

A great guy has been giving me great advice (blacksmithmotoring) and been very helpful in determining to do the tiburon over the rx8.

But im going to mod the car of course and i want to make sure my warranty doesnt flip out on me.

These were suggested to me that dont void overall warranties on parts (excluding mods themselves):

-CAI, but keep your factory box to swap because some dealer are funny.
-Cat Back Exhaust (Borla)
-Voltage stabilizer that give 5hp to wheel and hooks directly to your battery
-Upgrade to KYB struts G2 (lifetime warranty on replacement)
-Coil of your choice
-Poly engine mounts (run the for better torque even if you dont go force indutcion)
-Nology plug wires
-Short Shifter
-Random Cat (5Hp)

Anyone know of any that mess with warranties big time? Or had dealers get funny on them and void an electrical system if you change coil etc (my friend said his friend's dealer did that to him).

thanks a lot.

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a voltage stablilzer gives 5whp? if this was true everyone would buy with as little as they cost.

The rest does depend on dealer. Although if u got all that stuff on and you decide to be smart and drive through a puddle and hydro lock ur car and u put back on the stock intake they will figure it out

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5Whp..where n the fack didya here that shyte :3_headsha
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