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My crankshaft sensor has gone bad… the wire coating melted…. The part number is S107 408 however I stay in Fiji and have the only coupe in the country… none of the Hyundai dealership or part shops have that part number however they do have 39180 3E100

my questions is can it work or some other part number that might be compatible

my car is 2.7 v6, 2003 model, manual ……. Desperately need help
Thank you

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The part number that you want is 39180-37150 for the Tiburon V6. The part number you provided looks like it's for a 2.7L Mu out of the Kia Rondo and Santa Fe which I'm not sure will even fit. It looks similar but the engine blocks are different between the Delta and Mu so it's possible they accept different crank sensors.
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