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Hi, I am working on cruise control for my 2003 2.0 AUTOMATIC Tiburon. Its europe version, base model and it has TCS (traction control).
I managed thanks to post on this forum and lot of factory wiring diagrams to connect CC with cruster and lever under the wheel.

Now I can see CC is on (green light) when ever I press button, press again its off. This part works as it should.

Sadly its doesnt respond to commands. I cant set it. It does nothing. First thing I checked was lever. It was ok, resistance on circuit to ground changed with it moving.
I also hooked up AT signal to pin 4. I am not really sure if I connected right wire to it, since I had very limited documentation. ( I belive it was grey cable from lowest connector on TCM (transmission ECU, not sure. I can add pictures later.)

I also dont have hooked up: Neutral switch wire, since I wasnt able to reach it. So I tried to: ground it/connect it to +12, both thru resistor but it didnt work, I also let it disconnected, just as it would be on manual "clutch switch". (thats what schematics told me)

Same goes for break switch, since I dont have special switch for breaks ( in future I will build relay invertor.) I believe it should be also grounded (pin 1) but schematics said otherwise. Tried both, nothing changed there was no reaction to SET/CANCEL, anything.

For the break lights I hooked up (to pin 5, I dont have schematics here, right now so I am not sure about pin numbers) positive from rear left break light. I dont have LED lights, so thats not the problem. But still nothing happened.

So thats my connections, green light works, I am not sure if I got right cable for A/T signal line (pin 4). That could couse it not to trigger commands.
My neutral switch isnt connected. I from what I saw for clutch switch, it doesnt have to. (right now for testing only)
My break switch was both connected to +12 and GND, both with and without 580 ohm resistor. (one of these should make CC computer think, everything is OK, there is no break applied and we are good to go.)
Last are break lights, where I connected positive cable (white) to break pin on CC. I think that was the easiest part of "sensors to cancel CC" so I dont think there should be problem there.
I should also note, that I am using speed sensor signal directly from speed sensor itself, I found much later, that there is also signal in TCM. But I also think, they are same.

I would like to ask, if you have any idea, how to make my CC work, I will share pictures and maybe even full tutorial in this post or maybe new one. But for now its just cable mess soldered directly to CC modul, since I dont have adapter.

I would appriciate stuff like pinouts for TCM and more info on break signals and A/T neutral switch etc... anything. I am so close, everything connected, just small thing holding me back. And trust me, I would be glad to share what I learned and how I made it work with forum. If you want some early alpha test pics, I can share.

Sorry for my broken English and thanks for staying with me.


[email protected] (if someone want to send me datasheed in private or something)
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