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My name: Rabih Madi
Location: Montreal City, Quebec, Canada
Car: Tiburon 2004 V6 – Tuscani Converted –​

It has been a bit more than a year that I have been a member on and every month I look at the new winners on the front page and wonder if my car will be worthy one day to be the COTM. Well, here I am, a COTM and proud of it. My screen name, for the majority that don’t know me yet is blue_sharky81. Why blue_sharky81 if my car is black? Well, just because up to 2004 my car was a blue 2000 Tibby with very little modifications done to it.

In August 2004 I had the option to buy-out the old Tiburon out of the lease or finance a new one. After days of thinking, I decided to get a brand new Tiburon V6, and almost fully equipped, since I wasn’t much into tuning; just enough to have rims, CAI and a sound system. So, just after I got this last Tiburon, I decided to get a CAI and door sills and leave it as is, because I was satisfied with the stock rims and the stock options.

This decision lasted 4 months and just after, I bought the Exhaust and the CF hood and 18’’ rims to go with the package. One month after that I got a front bumper that I was overly excited to install myself and scratched my front fender after 10 minutes of ‘do-it-yourself’ type of thing. Furious, of course, I had to spend 200$ to repaint it. So… Done!

June 2005, my car looks like I wanted:

I then went to a few car shows with my new team: Team Evolution Concepts. After 12 of them, I realized my car was not up to par (1st time I do car shows). Thus, I realized, my car was a streetcar and not a show car. But, shortly after, my envy to show my ideas took over.

So, 10 months and 20K after, my car changed direction. Since I am a sound freak, I opted for a major sound upgrade.

While my car was at a shop getting a composite set-up of SPL products, I went shopping for aesthetics. I found the Mussa front bumper, custom headlight covers, body-kit, leather conversion and a high-en eclipse radio. NICE!!!

Why did I choose this route? Simple. Did any one of you visit Quebec City and its famous roads? If not…then I suggest you shouldn’t come with your very sporty cars. I told myself, if I give much performance to my car, I will be tempted to drive it a tad faster than the speed limit and might ruin the condition of the engine; something I wasn’t ready to do the first year I was very modified.

Although, there is a lot of highly modified Tiburon’s on this site and beyond, I decided to do it at my taste and no one else’s. And although I am sure, there are many other Tiburon’s with nicer set-ups than mine, I chose strength as a main feature; 4000 watts of power…just ecstatic.

My future plans will still go on the appearance side of things, even if I will add some performance parts here and there. I might choose a bit more screens (headrests, dash) as well as a PS3 and XBOX.

I love it when with each hard beat from a song by Dj Tiesto, my heart pumps with the beat, my blood rushes, and my back dribbles on the seat. Thus, I will most likely add more subwoofers and some speakers. But there is still time to change my mind.

I realized I have been typing a lot. I am now at 622 words and figured that most people won’t keep on reading up to here. But for those of you who do…thank you.

Now, here are some more pictures than the ones above, plus a list of my present modifications. Please reply to this message or PM me if you have any questions, concerns, ideas as they are greatly appreciated.


Lambo Doors
Mussa Front Bumper
Custom fit front headlight covers
Vented C/F Hood w/ Hood Pins
Razzi Side Skirts
Razzi Rear Bumper
Chromed Door handles
20% All around Tint
Tuscani Badging
Trunk Shave
Tinted Taillights
Tinted Side markers
Matt black Paint on Headlight covers
Matt black Vinyl on top of car


Tuscani Triple Gauge Pod
Metal Surrouding
Dual A-Pillar Pod w/ Gauges
Leather Conversion
Tuscani Door Sills
PA/CB System

With the lack of modifications to the interior, I make it up with the I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment)

Eclipse DVD/MP3 Radio
Sirius Satellite
Two 12” Subs SPL
One 4000Watts Amp
One 580Watts Amp
Four 6” Speakers
Two 6x9 Speakers
One 3 Farad Cap
Two 7” Screens
Fully custom Composite Mold
Carbon Fiber Side Traps
Carbon Fiber Batman Style Tunnel
Custom Fit 6” Speakers in Doors
Neon (to illuminate the sound system)

Engine / Performance:

Front Strut Bar
NGK Spark Plugs
Yellow Top Optima Battery
Chrome Battery Plate
DC Sports Headers
Mussa Angled-Tip Exhaust
Removed Cat (Straight Pipe)
18” Inch Wheels
Falken 225/45ZR18 Tires
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Thank you again for taking the time in reading/scrolling my COTM presentation and appreciate TNT for this opportunity. Now, here are some other pictures for you to look at and hopefully appreciate. I would also like to congratulate all previous COTM winners and future winners. We have great cars; let’s show them to the public!


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Congratulations man, your car looks super hot :3_bier:

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Love the vinyl top. I like the car more every time I see pics of it. The audio is way overboard...good stuff for shows.

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hottness dawgie. diggin the trunk setup!

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You beat me, bastard!! :p
Congratulations man. Hope to see you at some more shows next season.
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