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Difference between coil overs and shocks.

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hello, I just had a question please don’t blast me on this but I have a 2006 Tiburon GT. I really want coil over people look at my car and say that it’s lowered already but I don’t see it, I heard if your springs are colored then that means you have coil overs but I don’t see no adjustment for me to tangle with. I’m going to take a picture and could
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someoneTell me the mechanism of this thing, I really hope they are coil lovers because then I will do my thing L O L. But if they are sharks, then tell me what is this cranky thing lol. Thank you
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You do not have adjustable coilovers. You have OEM style struts with what look like aftermarket lowering springs. The color might indicate Vogtland brand which are a 1.4" lower setup. Like these:

That suspension link in your 2nd picture is just an end link for the sway bar. Sway bar end links do not affect how low your car is.

If you want coilovers look at a quality brand like BC:

If you spend less than $1000 on adjustable coilovers... you shouldn't be buying adjustable coilovers at all. Maxpeedingrods and Racelands are dangerous and can break due to poor metallurgy.
Correct, you do NOT have coilovers.

I recently bought the BC coilovers in the link above because that was the best recommendation. They are a work of art.

I hear the D2 coilovers are almost as good as the BC ones, I saw some places may have them for $800-1000 depending if you can find them on sale, but stopped looking when I bought the BCs.
Yup, as stated you have OEM style struts with some type of lowering springs. And based on the fact that your bottom 3 coils are basically on top of each other they're likely a lower spring rate and/or lower quality than the OEM springs.
Sweet! Man you guys are pros! I really appreciate it
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