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quick update, I have completed the HVAC Swap but haven't wired in the clock, fog lights, and hazards yet because I'm buying the 16 pin connecter from a member who's parting out his 07-08 tiburon. When i get my harness and install it I will include pictures of the completed product as well as some some tips for fellow members who are attempting the HVAC swap.

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Hi! :)

First of all, thanks a loooooooot for this detailed and well made DIY! (And by the way, sorry to keep asking questions about it so long after)

I'm getting ready to do the conversion, but some questions are still blowing my mind!

Fist one : about the 5 pin relay. I just ordered one on eBay, so I can follow your DIY step by step no question asked... But I'm the kind of nooby ennoying persons who like to understand what they do, and learn instead of just applicate, so... What is the role of that piece exactly?

Then, the multimeter stufffs... Maybe my not good enough english, maybe my noobish mind... Maybe both... But you talk about using the mulimeter twice : the pin 18 of the blower, and the wires behind the stereo... But (sorry for being noob) isn't it necessary to have two poles to connect to the miltimeter? One one the red ans one the black, to measure anything?
And the wire we're supposed to cut, I didn't understand why we had to cut it, and why we just could'nt cut the same one you cut while doing yours?(sorry for my questions but as I don't want to do stupid stuffs I'm trying to undestand it all first)

And last question (very last i swear :D ) the fog light. I gess you had 2 buttons for fog lights (front and rear)... So what did you do with the front one? :D

Sorry if my questions seemed stupid, but I had to ask. But once again, forgetting these, really good job you did there, i appreciate :) ;)

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OMG Dude!!!

Ive lost track from the forum because of the ISP block...

Since ive made my conversion, i knew that there was a problem with the blower (Because it keeps working, doesnt turn off ) and it didnt bother me until my battery died... i´ve replaced 2 batteries in 3 years.

Thank you for the time that you putted in to this project! well done! the relay is the fix for the Blower!

(Not my picture)

Below the blower motor assembly, you'll see 2 different connectors, a big one, and a small one) Remove them with the phillips head screw holding them in, to make it easier to get your multimeter into the Black wire on pin # 18 of the LARGE connector.

Try to keep it on there the best you can.

Now you can jump back into the driver's seat.

Looking past where your stereo should be, you should see 2 major grounding points, one to the left, and another to the right. Loosen the bolt that holds in the grounds to the right, and take each wire apart by twisting it apart. (It is fairly tedious to get them back together afterwards, but it is VERY important to get them snug with each other after this is done.

(Not my picture)

You guessed it! Were looking for the wires that connect to the wire near the glove box.

Set your multimeter to Ohms, and if you have the cheapest one from Radioshack like the one I have, you can make it beep when there's continuity.

One of these wires is the correct one. One of these wires is not the correct one….


Close your eyes and cut one.

If you cut the right one, than you can brag to everyone that you're better at working on cars than the guy that wrote this. shut up.

If you didn't cut the correct one, then the one you cut should be from the other black wire going to the same harness. All you have to do is swap them AT THE HARNESS and you're good to go.

Take that extra Black wire you have laying around, and SOLDER it to the freshly cut black wire. Oh, and put your glove box back together already.

Take the other end of your extra wire and SOLDER it together with the Yellow wire from the relay harness (Pin # 87) Did I remember to tell you to cover everything with heat shrink tubing? Well do it, and don't get electrocuted!! Naw, 12 volts won't kill you. Sorry to scare you.

Now you can plug into your NEW SEXY FL2 FASCIA and feel the warm/cold air of your choosing!!! (Hopefully. People do make mistakes, so now's the time to fix it or ask questions).

Tape everything up with electrical tape to make it look like you didn't make any mistakes.

Now that the hard part is over, you only have like 2 steps to go, Judge Judy time?? Naw, just beer.

Take a minute to admire its sexyness. NO, NOT JUDGE JUDY….sicko.

Take out your AC control unit from your fascia. (4 screws) and also take it more fully apart ( 2 more screws and some snap in things). Take it more fully apart (8 screws for the electrical board)

take out the electrical board, look to the top right and see a small transistor labeled Q12. (reference pictures)

Take some extra (Any Colored) wiring (maybe 6 inches or so (Or 15 cm to people that live in actual countries)), and solder one end to the bottom right leg. (This is, in fact, 1 of the only 2 places possible to tap into on this whole electrical board, and it is the one with the highest current traveling through it to trigger the relay) I know it's such a small connection to trigger the relay, but trust me, it's the ONLY WAY. =(

Were going to solder the other end straight to the pin itself. (less than ideal I know)

Find Pin # 18 (the one with the Yellow wire going to the connector) and solder the other end of the wire the the underside of the pin. (reference pictures) Just remember 6th pin from the top right.

That's It!! Now your AC compressor will turn on with the button!! That was way easy.

Now put everything back together and plug it in to make sure.

Now we need to work on the Fog/Hazard/clock switches, which you'll notice the connectors merge into 1 connector. No big deal. BUT the pins from your wiring harness won't fit into the pins from the new connector (believe me I've tried) so more soldering for you!

First off, Foglight switch:

SOLDER Wire from Pin # 1 from foglight switch (Grey) and connect it to Pin # 2 on new harness.
Connect Wire from Pin # 2 (Pink w/ Black stripe) to Pin # 1.
Connect Wire from Pin # 3 (Black) to Pin # 3.
Connect Wire from Pin # 4 (Orange) to Pin # 15.
Connect Wire from Pin # 5 (White w/ Orange stripe) to Pin # 16
Connect Wire from Pin # 6 (Black) to Pin # 4

Now, Hazard Switch:

Connect Wire from Pin # 6 (White) to Pin # 11.
That's the only one we're going to use from the hazard switch.


Connect Wire from Pin # 2 (Red) to Pin # 13

Get an extra wire (w/ pin) and splice into Pin # 4 from clock harness. LEAVE ENOUGH SLACK. I recommend 3 at least inches (8 cm ugh) if you can manage.

Place resulting 2 pins in slot # 12 and slot # 14 respectively.

Tape everything up so it looks nice and pretty and hope you are done in time for the next Judge Judy!! =)!

I really hope this DIY helps some people, or at least give them the confidence to try something they weren't sure they were comfortable with. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. I will always do my best to help you out. PM me if needed.

Good Luck!!

OH and as promised, PRINT THESE OUT!

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