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Hello friends, this is a DIY for you on how to change mileage on your cluster if you decided for any reason to get a different one.

The procedure is pretty straight forward, no special skills needed other than soldering.

Tools needed:
Soldering iron/heat gun
Tiburon Cluster
And small hand tools like screw drivers, etc....

Ok so let me explain how this is done, any digital cluster has a memory where it stores mileage, you basically need to extract the memory chip, connect it to a computer, and change the numbers. Now as it sounds pretty simple, it might be a little bit complicated so il try to elaborate as much as I can.

Firt extract your memory chip. Take the cluster you want to change, disassemble it, and locate this chip.

To remove the chip you need a heatgun, warm up the back side legs on the back of the board and push the chip out.

Now that you have it out we need to connect it to a PC. There are 2 ways to do it. The easy way, buy your self sp200s-2016 which is pretty cheap. Or make one your self like this guy did on his video, here is the link..

I chose the first way, so this is how I will be rolling. Install drivers, software for your board and wlpro_v220_setup.rar...... link to download...SP200SE- Device Programmer - 8051/52, AVR, EEPROM Programmer

Next insert your memory chip like this

Now we connect our board to pc and open Wlpro program exe file.

Navigate to Device and chose....

To be continued...
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