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Well... a little sooner of an update than I was expecting. I was on my way to the grocery store (who am I kidding, it was the liquor store) excitedly waiting for my Haltech to come in, like I do most days. Left the store, started the car, and saw a good amount of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. No smoke in the engine bay, just the exhaust. After about 2 minutes it cleared up and drove home just fine. I let it sit in the garage for about 10 minutes and started it up and the smoke came back again. No leaks of any kind on the ground. Considering that the engine was just confirmed as in excellent health, my first guess was the turbo. This turbo has an unknown history before I got it, and it's been on the car for 6 good years already.
Yesterday I finally got some time to investigate. Took the intake piping off and found this.

There was actually more oil in there that the picture shows, but you can tell it's not good.

Sooo yeah.... that's one dead turbo....
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