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Heya, i decided to do something beyond just restoring the lenses with my tibby's original headlights that were faded.
So i took it apart, took the shroud parts and made custom channels and painted it.
installed Corsomotion's LED Sequential DRLs, and then covered with some frosted clear polycarbonate plastic. i made sure that if i have to ever take these apart, i have little 3 pin connector plugs sitting under there so i don't have to cut any wires. it's wired up to the running lights and turn signal circuit.

i then also bought some upgraded projector lenses from Morimoto and printed some ABS spacers to get the distance right for the lenses' new focal point so the LED's i was putting in there would have a nice cutoff line.
demo of the lights before assembly:

all closed up.
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lit up at night
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