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Hi there! I've prepared a concept for the taillights which I'm planning to send to a guy that specializes in custom lights fabrication. I want to know what you think. I'm definitely not a photoshop-wizard material, but this should do. I don't think there's much needed to clarify, but:
  • The grey-ish background is just that, when the lights are off nothing besides grey should be visible.
    The darker borders around the edge of the lights should be visible
  • The indicators will blink, obviously 😅
  • Color of the rings when using the brake lights (which I stupidly called stop) doesn't change of course - this is just to represent that the rings should glow brighter (like the OEM lights do)
  • Fog lights shouldn't be an issue since they only have to be visible, not illuminate anything but I hope the grey foil (or whatever he will use) won't interfere with the reverse light's ability to actually light up the surrouding area.
    I'm not gonna lie, the design is a bit inspired by a tibby I saw on youtube, I don't recall the owner but I remember the license plate - LOLJAWS

Do you like it? Feedback is welcome, maybe there are some legal requirements (like idk, that the fog lights have to be at the bottom or sth) that I don't know about which will make these more noticable to the law enforcement. There will be some reflective tape on the bumper to compensate for the totally dark taillights. Let me know what you think!

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