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Well Ive had my mods on my car for quite some time now and I figured I would write a review of how well they have held up and also show off some new stuff. So heres what I got



-Shorty antenna(bimmian)
-bought on a chance it would work... it looks great however it didnt come with the correct adapter for our cars.
-redout tails
-Has look great since I put them on Feb/06
-DIY window tint(made by me )
-I have redone it twice and the final time looks great. havent had any problems in the three months I have had it on there
-Tomato Eyelines(kspec)
-look great... durability, not so great. rock chipped driver side one and the fiberglass just split where it hit.
-Painted Calipers(duplicolor)
-Get the G2 kit... the duplicolor stuff chips very easily
-XD5 Healights and foglights(ebay)
-As good as it gets without having to buy real HID. have had them since feb/06 with no problems
-Airbrushed Kia emblems(kspec)
-it matches my colorscheme and doesnt even say kia so get off it
-Removed rear wiper arm
-plug is but ugly but its a small thing that will later get filled. no leaks however
-Bosch icon wiper blades
-Freakin love these things. Ive had them for over a year and they are silent and work like new
-Blind Spot Mirror(autozone)
-a necessity for backing into a parking spot
-Painted Headlights
-they definitely didnt hold up worth a ****. the lights were corroded on the outside when I got the car. didnt expect much out of them
-Metallic Fuel Door
-Looks great, and is very durable. highly reccomend


-Shift boot and arm rest cover(redline goods)
-I highly reccomend these. they look awsome and smell awsome too ;)
-F/L shift knob
-no problems yet
-Painted interior trim, gunmetal metallic(duplicolor)
-just a little change off stock. no problems with the paint either.
-Basstib STS
-if you dont have this yet then you suck. this is the best 100 bucks you will ever spend
-LED Footwell lights
-bought them at autozone and they work perfect
-Cupholder LEDs
-missionplate LED

-radioshack 12v wide angle LEDs, works good for some mood lighting inside
-Tuscani Side Sills
-looks good, a little challenging to get all the clips to clip in place but worth the frustration


-Injen SRI
-Not much to say other then the filter is pretty much a waster after 30k miles. I tried cleaning it and it didnt get clean... maybe I did something wrong
-SSA Headers V2
-better off with the DC headers, these have horrible fitment and make nice little rattles on the oil pan.
-SSA Exhaust V2
-best bang for the buck and an awsome buy for quality. at least they got this right
-Evo Shifter Linkage Bushings
-yet another awsome buy, cheap, and they make the shifter feel so much better

Brakes and Suspension:

-Eurethane motor mount insert(ebay)
-stay away from this. its a waste of time and it pops out
-RRM Slotted Rotors
-probably the worst rotors ever made. they look good... but they dont stop for ****
-Raybestos metallic brake pads(front)
-probably would have been better with different rotors
-Craptastic napa rear pads
-not much of a review for these... they are just ****** napa pads
-General Exclaim UHP 215/45/17zr
-Highly reccomend these. best tires I have had yet. grip awsome, wont hydroplane, and cheap
-Dropzone Lowering Springs
-so, so on this. they look great, handling is great... but they start squeaking after about a year
-Polyeurethane sway bar linkage bushings
-helps a bit with body roll, hard to tell with the springs
-Revotec Strut tower brace(ebay)
-awsome buy. and for 30 bucks its hard to not buy it. say goodbye to understeer

Engine Appearance:

-Painted Manifolds
-just a thing to make it look good. no chipping yet. have had it since march/06
-Polished Valve Covers
-buy them, dont do it yourself. I have to constantly polish mine to keep them looking good
-Dual Tone Air Horns
-ya... I know... they are awsome haha

Picture time!!!

Ok, what do you all think.....

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nah, I would want to do it myself. thats the whole fun for me is doing it all myself. honestly, if I could make my own exhaust I would lol, unfortunately I dont have all that expensive machinery. but thanks for the offer!

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you forgot that gauge you put in your AC vent,

probably one of my favorite mods of yours ;)

i see some bad curb rash on that rim :(

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I love it except the Kia emblems

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I honestly think for headers you should really go with something ceramic coated. the material is much thicker on the DC headers and for the price its damn good for something ceramic coated.. the ssa headers are cheap and get the job done, but the quality is just not worth the savings... the exhaust absolutely, but the headers, probably not. also keep in mind this is just my personal experience, theres a few other members here that have had no problems. but to me it seems theres more problems then not.

ya the curb rash is horrible on all my wheels lol. when I bought the car whoever had owned it had messed up both door handles, and the wheels pretty bad. I still need the handles and obviously the wheels. I got the wheels to clean up a bit though.

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mos def one of my favorite cars on NT, always clean and you keep everything nice and subtle

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Looks good man. I like the shaved rear hatch.

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you think maybe your crap *** stopping power was beacause of your crap *** pads and had nothing to do with your rotors?

I'm trying to figure out how exactly the rotors would be "bad" to cause "poor stopping power?

Get a set of carbotech brake bads front and rear(fr panther/ rr bobcat) and you will be set.

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a BBK wont really stop you faster. Mostly they discipate heat better due to larger surface area so they are more resistant to fade under constant hard braking such as on a road course. You will see little to no effect on the street other than what the upgrade to a better pad compound gives you.

Adding a more aggressive pad compound and flushing the fluid out and upgrading to a DOT 5 fluid such as motol or ATE superblue will be the biggest difference you will see.

I started this summer out using axxis carbon pads i got from an auto crosser who swore by them and halfway through switched to the carbotech pads (fr xp8/ rr bobcats) and these things are stupid good. Ive never had any problems with fade or glazing during 20-40 minute lapping sessions.
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