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Any help is appreciated, have an '01 Tib. Everything stock at the moment. Looking to beef her up, but still want as my

Looking for the addtl. performance. From what I understand, the DM flywheel provides dampening, smoother ride, but forfeits performance.I've only done a little research on the DM flywheels, main because, from what I've read, new DM is expensive as hell, and you forfeit performance so, unless there's some new interesting info, what's the point.

So, just bought a Clutchmaster FX300 to replace my stock clutch because it's slipping bad. My car has just under 200k so it's understandable. Clutchmasters said that they don't have a flywheel for the 2001. They also recommend a steel flywheel for street applications. So I was wondering if anyone has an SM steel flywheel that they used with this kit. I mean I'll go aluminum if I have to, depending on responses. I wanted to see what's been proven to work, so I don't want to get the flywheel, have my mechanic come out, and then have issues with it.

More Background

I'm starting to build my Tib for more power. I already have forged rods/ pistons, 330 cc injectors, wastegate, blow-off valve, all the turbo piping is already done, going run the battery to the trunk, etc.
working on the engine this Sunday or next. My boy owns a shop, probably going to post some progress picks in the forced induction forum, bounce some ideas around. Going for the works, hone the block, cyclinders, polish the crank, doing a valve job, installing the rods and pistons, kit is legit Wiseco/Pauter, wanted to install for so long. One step at a time, engine and clutch the next month or so (full-time job and 6 classes at the U of A). In the future looking to get the MSD ignition, Jattus (similar) setup with the extra fuel rail, EBC, either tuned ECU or standalone setup, maybe setup for E85 on the fly or just more fuel under boost. Smaller turbo, looking for low end power, 0-60, don't care what happens after that. Looking at 14 lbs of boost to start, see how it handles, wanting to get 0-60 time under 5, but 5 will work if it must (not trying to rip this thing apart every other week) about $3500 I'll be putting in this week, then about 4500 for the rest. should be bad. stay tuned
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