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Well it is time for the Tiburon to go. I am trying this out to see if anyone is interested. I did try to sell it on CL a while back and got no offers. So I will try this out. The car is a two door base model hatchback. It features:

-Desirable 2.0 liter four cylinder engine (Great on Gas Mileage 24 City / 30 Highway MPG)
-Automatic 4 Speed Transmission
-Fog lamps
-Power Windows
-Power Mirrors
-Key less Entry, which does work and we have one working remote and one non-working remote
-Factory original keys
-Ice Cold A/C
-Heater (Blows really hot in the winter since it was flushed)
-AM/FM CD Radio

We have done the following services to the car:

-Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Wheel alignment has been done every 3,000 miles
-Tires are about a year old and were replaced with Pirelli's at Sam’s Club
-Timing Belt done at 110,000 miles
-New Radiator
-New Brakes
-Cabin Air Filter has been replaced
-Engine Air Filter has been replaced

As with any 16 year old vehicle it does not come without any problems. These issues are not serious and will not affect the operation of the car, but will need attention at some point. See below:

-Mechanically it will need timing belt (Replaced at 110,000)
-Turn signals / blinkers were going out in the car so I soldered some new relays on the Engine Control Unit and as a result the Battery and Parking Brake light stay on all the time now and it does not affect the cars driving ability
-Front passenger side wheel cap flew off
-Hood struts have failed and will need to be replaced
-SRS Airbag light came on and it has to do with the side driver’s side curtain airbag needing to be replaced.
-Spare tire donut needs to be replaced too as we put it on and drove on it not knowing that it was flat
-Driver’s side plastic door handle broke off
-Cosmetically it does have rust in several areas along with some dents and dings
-Emergency Brake does not work – I think the cable needs an adjustment

It is a no frills sports car, which means has a lot less things that could break on it. This is my wife’s car that was purchased BRAND NEW. My wife is the original owner of the car, which means we have all the original paperwork and maintenance records history of the car since bought new. I am trying to be completely honest of what I know. The car currently has 213,000 miles on the odometer and will keep going up as it is our daily driver. We are expanding our family so this car has to go as we need a bigger four door car. It has been a really reliable vehicle for us as we put about 325 miles on it a week. We have a clear / clean title in hand. We are asking $1,700 obo and all items wrong with this car can be found on the forum as this forum has kept this car running. We looked at KBB and they retail the car for $1,775.00 in good condition. The reason I am asking the above price is my wife is the original owner and we have all the purchase and repair paperwork since it was purchased on October 16, 2004. That has to be worth something since we have all the paperwork since new and will include it with the sale of the Tibby. If you are interested please send me a PM and we can go from there. Thank you in advance


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