I'm located in the Buffalo, NY area. If you're interested, you have to take ALL parts at once.

VIS RACING CF OEM style hood 03-06: Acquired the hood used. Thick layer of clear from previous owner that needs sanded down. Had a crack near the front edge I repaired with resin. It will never look good just cleared, so hood will need to be painted or wrapped.

OBX stainless dual exhaust: Never used. Bought open box and I don't remember if it was for a 2.0 or 2.7, so might need to rotate flange if it doesn't match your engine. I modified it by splicing in a Hushpower 2 resonator. I ended up stealing the clamps I used on the resonator for an emergency repair on another vehicle, so it needs new clamps + all bolts and gaskets.

OEM strut brace: Using this requires relocation/custom bracket for the cruise control module.

18x8 Tenzo Concept 9 Matte Black ET25: These wheels need some TLC. One has really bad rash around the majority of the lip, another has minor rash. None of them are bent AFAIK. Tires should be replaced.

No, I can't bothered to take pictures right now.

EDIT: Some other parts I forgot that I'll throw in. Timken rear hub, (sorry, can't find shift boot), US multi gauge, 2 sets (oops, both red stitch) of OEM mats in rough shape but better than nothing.