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Front frame part

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Hey I'm trying to find this part name? I need a passenger side replacement. Idk if anyone knows what this part is or if I'm better off just searching junkyards...
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I'd honestly be surprised if that's a separate component you can just replace on its own. I'd think it's part of the whole unibody assembly.
It is a separate part, at least for 03-06 (but would assume 07+ also). I've ordered it before, and installed it. While the original is spot-welded on, I secured mine via body panel adhesive (since I had 0 experience welding at the time). Unfortunately, I have forgotten what it was called but I got it from a dealer in 2016. Probably headlight support or something like that.

Edit: here's when I did that: My 3D-printed Lip Kit.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts