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Sold today.
Thank you those who showed interest.

These snow tires and steel wheels are from my 2003 GSR

Michelin Arctic Alpins 205/55/R16

- 21,000 km total documented
- Standard black steel rims, 16" 5 bolt Hyundai pattern
- purchased from Markham Hyundai
- original cost $1149.94 tax incl.
- I will include: 4 wheel covers to cover black steel wheels

If you just bought yourself a a used Tiburon with 17" mag wheels with Michelin Pilots on them
you won't be able to safely drive your car once the snow comes without steel wheels with snows tires on them. I researched snow tires and found that Michelin Arctic Alpins were among the best tires available to drive on ice and snow at the time. My GSR ran incredibly with these snows on it and with the extra stiff suspension these snow tires made the car run smoother when there was no snow than the summer tires.

- Cost $250 total for the rims , tires, wheel covers

- located in Markham
- call Scott 905-737-0805 if you are interested. Thank you for reading.
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