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Hey everyone, i custom built this computer so all the specs are as followed:

Operating System:
Windows Xp Pro 64-bit (aka x64) edition

Custom Case with Blue LED's

X16 DVD-Rom
Nvidia G-Force 6800GS (3rd fastest in world)
AMD 3000+ clocked over 3.0ghz
80gb harddrive space

Absolutely NO problems with viruses (i use to work as a IT Networker)

Already loaded on computer:
AVG (Anti-Virus Programs)
Ethernet Bus Controller (Hi-Speed Internet)

Are you asking for games?:3_winkthu

Steam (no games)
Call of Duty 2
Age of Empires III

If you want a clean slate computer, just pm me and ill work it out.

Asking: $550
Willing: PM me with an offer!

If you would like a custom built PC, PM me with your Specs wanted, and ill give you a Quote!:3_wink:

There are no Stupid Offers!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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