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Hey NT members.
I drive a 03 and for the most of us 03 owners, i believe the time has come for Emissions to renew our tags.
The entire time i was worried I may fail the emissions test because of my headers which has a straight pipe in replacement of the cats. Since I do have my car tuned for a smooth ride, I do not have any sensor problems. But still, the real nervous part was to hope the person testing my car will not look under my car. I heard it is required to bend down and look under the car to check for cats and if no cats, it's automatic FAIL.
LUCKY for me, this guy did not look under and I PASS!
BUT!!!! i passed everything but the fuel cap pressure test.

I FAILED the gas cap. I was laughing and relieved. I went and bought new gas cap from the dealership. The guy says the way hyundai design the gas cap, i think others may have the same problem.


i know others have headers and straight pipes. as long as your sensors are okay to pass the test, my friend tells me to just get the case or heat shield that goes aorund the cat and weld it to the straight pipe so it Looks like a cat. I hear that works.
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