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I’m gauging possible interest in selling my Tiburon. I’m getting up there in years and project cars no longer hold their appeal like they once did.

Some recent pics: Tiburon

Here's a recent track with me and a friend with a 99 Tib:

The Good:

• Custom 2 Tone paint job with all body work done. 05 GT Silver with Ford Blue Pearl
• RARE RSW GT Wing Painted Body Color Ford Blue
• NGM Stage 3 Ported Water Cooled Supercharger System – 10psi at 7200rpm
• Haltech Elite 2500 Standalone with full flex fuel tune. Run 91 octane or anywhere up to E100 and it tunes itself!
• Haltech dual LSU 4.9 CAN wideband
• ID 1000cc E85 compatible Fuel Injectors
• DW 65c fuel pump
• Fully built motor featuring:
• JE 12.5:1 Forged Pistons with Swain Coated Ceramic Top and Friction Sides
• Crower Forged H Beam rods
• Micropolished Crank
• ACL Main and Rod bearings
• RARE Nextec Billet Main Cap Cradle
• New OEM Oil and Water Pumps
• Ported cylinder heads
• 5 angle valve job
• ARP Head Studs
• Ferrea Valve Springs and titanium retainers
• NGM Stage 4 ported lower intake manifold with GM IAT installed
• Stage 3+ Clutchmasters Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel
• Borla Cat Back Exhaust system
• Ported OEM Cat Manifolds
• BC Custom Spring Rate Coil Overs
• Ultra Racing Rear Sway Bar, Front & Rear Frame Braces
• DC Sports Front/Rear Strut Bars
• Ingalls Engineering Rear Adjustable Toe/Camber links
• XG350 Brake Calipers
• Goodridge Stainless Lines
• Android 7” Stereo
• RARE European Custom Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel
• RARE B&M 6 Speed Short Shifter
• Custom Windows 10 Tablet integrated with Haltech Standalone
• 2 Sets of wheels/tires. One with Michelin Pilot Sports and the other with Kumho Ecsta ASTs
• New OEM CV Axles with slightly used spares

The Bad:

• 1st Gear Synchro is out in the tranny I swapped in. Not a big deal if you shift into 2nd then First. Have a spare tranny with good synchro’s that was planning on having rebuilt that will come with the car
• Window Tint isn’t the best
• Small Chip in Front windshield.
Currently the AirCon system is not installed because race car. I have a new condensor and all new lines plus the original compressor.
The seats are currently bolted to the floor without sliders to make room for helmets. I'll include OEM sliders.
I also have lots of miscellaneous parts that will come with the purchase. I have a full set of good condition red doors as well as fenders. I also have stuff like and extra steering rack, oil pump, alternator, brake master cylinders, timing belt, coil packs, etc…They are all included!

This is tough for me to even write this list out as I’ve been a part of the Tiburon community since 2002 and dearly love the Platform. If I added up all that I spent on this Tiburon it would be well over 20,000 USD easily. I’m thinking of offering it to the Tiburon community first for a steal at 8,000 USD OBO. I’ll entertain reasonable offers but low ballers will be not responded to. My heart and soul are in this car so if there’s no reasonable interest in it I’ll probably end up keeping it around or trading it in for a massive loss..and before you ask, no I will not part it out!!
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